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We offer aluminum profile products for manufacturers. However, our company, which produces additional equipment, can supply any type of aluminum profile you need.

  • Glass Balcony
  • Aldoks
  • Sliding
  • Pergola
  • C60
  • Guillotine

To get information about automatic opening, photocell door systems, please send us your requested measurements and information.


    PergolaBioclimaticSmart RoofSliding GlassGlass BalconyAluminum ProfileGullotine GlassAwning ModelsWintent ModelZip CurtainZip Ceiling

    You can choose more than one. Click on the product name.

    You can supply high quality pergola and awning systems at affordable prices by making a direct request with Seçkin Tente, Turkey’s largest pergola and awning manufacturer.


    TURKEY —
    Aksemsettin Neighborhood, Sezai Karakoç Street Fatih Industrial Zone 13/15 Istanbul

    +90 212 690 62 30

    Seckin Awning System Turkey 1987 – 2022

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