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Seçcin awning, which has been producing shading products since 1987, offers many models according to your needs. It produces many awning models that can be customized with manual, motorized, remote control preferences for operations and private properties.

We produce long-lasting awning models with high quality materials and expert workmanship in accordance with safety standards.
We are an experienced company with a long history of 30 years.

  • Articulated Awning Systems
  • Bellows Awning Systems
  • Cassette Awning Systems
  • Double Awning
  • Fixed Awning Systems
  • Classic Awning Models

To get information about automatic opening, photocell door systems, please send us your requested measurements and information.

Articulated awning, which is one of the awning models you frequently see in private properties and businesses, creates a beautiful image in the areas where it is applied and provides the shade needed in your property or workplace.

Articulated awning, which is an articulated model, can be produced with the option of printing on different fabric models. The articulated model, which is a practical solution in every area where shade is needed, can be customized according to need. In addition to manual control options, special models can be developed for alternative needs.

The double-opening awning model creates large shade areas needed in businesses or parks. Thanks to the adjustable joints, you can limit the shadow area to the region you want. It is produced with a stylish appearance, printed option and high security standards. Double opening models can be ordered in the desired size with customizable options.

The bellows awning model, which is generally preferred by businesses, is used to protect the windows from the rain and to obtain an aesthetic appearance in the areas where it is applied. It is among the customized awning models with its printing option and usage alternatives. We produce Bellows model awning systems, which can be rolled up like a fan with the iron skeleton system, with long-lasting, quality materials and workmanship.

As it is functionally designed, the applied model remains stable as its name suggests. Different color fabric options, digital printing and production in the desired size can be made. Fixed model awnings are among the frequently preferred models in businesses and private properties.
As the name suggests, the fixed awning is used on places such as the door, in front of the window and by mounting it on the wall. The biggest difference from other awning types is that it does not have a mechanism to move.
If you are planning to have a decorative, that is, a fixed awning, it is worth saying that you have a tasteful personality. Since it is easier to give the awning rounded lines, it can be preferred for aesthetic appearances. In addition to adding a visual value to the areas where it is applied, its ease of application and being more economical can increase the reasons for preference.

Cassette awning systems are an awning model that works with a compact cassette system and gives an aesthetic appearance to the exteriors where it is applied. The mechanism protects the fabric against natural conditions for many years, minimizing the need for maintenance and repair.

The new model Cassette Awning adds aesthetics to the exterior with its stylish design and compact cassette system. The cassette system ensures full protection of the fabric and mechanism from natural conditions, minimizing the need for maintenance and repair. As a working principle; The awning fabric is stored in the profile cassette. In this way, the longevity of the fabric is ensured. This cassette system creates a very elegant appearance even when it is closed.

You can add value to your spaces with your choice of aluminum and fabric according to the concept. You can experience comfort beyond shadow with cassette awning systems that will meet your functional needs in terms of visual elegance with their elegant lines and ease of use.


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    You can supply high quality pergola and awning systems at affordable prices by making a direct request with Seçkin Tente, Turkey’s largest pergola and awning manufacturer.


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