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Pergola in the system are one of Turkey’s most preferred brand. We are preparing Pergola projects with Motor, Manual and different feature-designs.

Why USWe have signed thousands of pergolas projects. We were one of Turkey’s most preferred brand. Now we want to serve the whole world..

Our experts in the field, Turkey and Europe has the capacity to deliver services in many countries in the Middle East.

We produce long-lasting pergolas with high quality materials and expert workmanship in accordance with safety standards.

We are an experienced company with a long history of 30 years.

The word pergola comes from the Latin word “pergule” meaning fringe, and it is a word meaning “pergola” in Italian. Later, it became a universal word containing the same expression in all languages of the world through Italian. Thanks to the pergola awning system, horizontal, twisted and roof-shaped openings can be closed with awnings.

Pergola awning system will protect you from the sun in the summer as a sunshade, and it will protect you from the rain as a raincoat in rainy weather with its retractable roof and waterproof feature. If you wish, you can have your pergola awning system covered with glass and turn your awning systems into a collapsible winter garden. Thus, you can enjoy the winter under your pergola awning in your garden, patio or balcony without being affected by the cold, as if you were in an open area during the winter months.

Our pergola models are customizable. In addition to standard models, it supports additional hardware and applications needed.

The pergola need of every area has its own characteristics. According to the information provided by our customers, we prepare free design work with the most suitable model and structural features.



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    You can supply high quality pergola and awning systems at affordable prices by making a direct request with Seçkin Tente, Turkey’s largest pergola and awning manufacturer.


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